Inspiration: dolphins

I just read an incredible story of a diver who was suddenly surrounded by an angry pod of dolphins. He didn’t know what was happening until he went underwater and saw a great white shark lurking nearby. The dolphins surrounded the diver and pushed him to shore, saving his life. I just think thats incredible that animals feel that sense of duty to help other mammals. So I wrote this poem:

Good Samaritans

If a pod of dolphins
can feel danger
vibrating underwater,
where the bare legs
of a diver dangle
and send floods of scent
to the looming jaws
of a great white,
and can place themselves
before the darting Lamnidae
races to sink its teeth
into foreign flesh,
surrounding the diver
and eventually
pushing him to land,
do I hesitate
when the elderly woman
drops her dollar bill
in aisle 8
of Bargain Mart?


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