Nothing is Inspiration part 2

So I have finally found inspiration. The song “Welcome Home, Son” by Radical Face reminded me of the time I used to spend on my friends rooftop in high school in the summertime and I just went from there. Here’s the poem; I’m sure it will change a lot in my workshop but since I was such a drama queen about not being able to write, I figured I would have to share this. Enjoy the poem and the song 🙂

The Weight

I thought it would be easy
if I would leave this place,
but out of a window and perched on a rooftop
overlooking a quaking field and a solitary willow,
wind crept around my elbows and knees,
trailing its fingers with the softness of breath.
Yet the pressure of it collided with my bones
rattling the heaviness in my chest just like the feeling
I get from that country back road turn taken too fast.
And as the sun slid into the place that makes it bleed
into colors mocking violets and sunflowers,
you said, “you’ll be back,”
and so I breathed.


What do you think?

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