Nothing is Inspiration

So. That was quite a dramatic blog title, but seriously, I have never felt so blank. I can’t write anything without it sounding cliche or corny, I’ve never had writers block this bad before. Usually when I sit down to write, I have an idea of where I want the poem to go, or a line that I know I want to start out with and it just unfolds. I have a lot of philosophy in my poetry and I’m not sure where to even start now. I have to have a poem by 10 pm tomorrow night for my workshop and I’m struggling hardcore.


So, I ask of you my fellow bloggers, PLEASE give me some prompts. Something evocative and something that will make me think. And also something that will impress my grad school professor because I’m not sure he likes me very much. Okay. GO




10 thoughts on “Nothing is Inspiration

  1. I usually operate the same way; a line comes to me and I build on it. Is there a certain range of subjects you are supposed to write about?

      • Okay. Again, this is me, personally, but I will often turn to something like music or art when I am stumped. Sometimes I will open up Google News and see what is going in the world today, and my poem will be a reaction to that. However, I realize academic poets can be more fickle.

        Maybe take a peek at my blog and see if anything jogs you.

        I hope you find your golden ticket. 🙂

  2. How about this for a start? “I found myself on a street corner begging for money, embarrassed, how did this happen?”

  3. I am the beginning to my end and I can never win unless I begin. Or something like that, wait, scratch that. I may use it, sorry sweetie I have nothing, but keep your paper n pin near. The words may come like a theif in the night (;

  4. I actually just wrote about this topic on my page. Finding inspiration, that is. It’s a tricky thing to tease out, but you can certainly do it. I find that reading poetry helps immensely. Light some candles. Sit alone for a while. Stare at the ceiling. Go for a walk. Go for a run. Do something though, getting out and doing something will stimulate your mind into action. You have to feed it something before it can give you something in return.

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