Antipodes are SO COOL

Antipodes. What a fucking cool term. I am currently thinking about my antipode, and if it weren’t in the middle of the ocean, I am wondering what it might be like there. What if it is like opposite land, and everything is opposite of myself? There is a small bit of land fairly close to my antipode. I wonder if we have multiple antipodes, with respect to where we have lived and loved in our lives? Do we have multiple opposites? MY HEAD IS SPINNING. If I didn’t have class, I would write a poem about this right now.

I found the term in Marianne Moore’s poem “In the Days of Prismatic Colour” which I haven’t even finished because I went off on a tangent about antipodes and started researching and downloading Google Earth. Is this a term that normal people are supposed to have learned? I’ve never heard of it before.

Nerd status, right here.


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