Postcard Drama

Here are some dramatic postcard-inspired poems I wrote this weekend. Maybe I’ll mail the last one to my ex 🙂

Postcard 1

Dear X,

I now realize that all roads connect somewhere, but I’m writing this from the dying light of my Corolla, just noticing my half-empty tank that fueled my need to leave. No matter where I go from here, my memories are still mine and distance can’t lessen the impact. I’m coming home. Highways are not bridges to something happier.


Postcard 2

Dear X,

You’re an ugly scar with a back story I thoroughly enjoy. You’re one martini past my limit. You’re that chair I bought on sale which matches nothing in my apartment. I’m writing to you from my vacation-turned-home in Florida to say I won’t return. Just as I pretended to return those shoes you didn’t like for your birthday. I bought a sun hat instead. Enjoy the dark winter.



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