Poetry day 3

Day 3 poem! I’ve revised this poem a TRILLION times. I’m starting to wonder if I should be posting my poetry on here every day? The chances of someone stealing my work is highly likely right?

The Ship Fell off the Map
I arrive in the land

of tarot and fortune,

hoping to feel

the warm arms

of the rabbit hole

close themselves

around me,

but I’m thrust

into a world

like the abstract mind

of Pablo Picasso—

I’m blindly feeling

polygons and pieces

of crooked faces,

acting like they know

the way,

but they’re taking

vertigo for truth.

I trust no one.

Trusting is for those

with maps

or compasses

or those who encompass
a natural way;

I do not.

I loaded up

all my parts and plans,

onto that black-sailed ship,

only to be greeted

face to face

with Karma,

holding his checkbook,

hoping I can

the debt of things
I still lack.

I boarded the ship,

no backward glance,

knowing  the world will


be trying to

capture me.


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