Socially Awkward Me

After moving to a new state and trying to make new friends, I’ve come to this conclusion about myself: I am a bit socially awkward. I think all writers are in some way. I’m already a little hyper, and when I get around new people I just get so excited. I’m the type of person who wants to make EVERYONE my friend. So this is how it usually goes:

Presented with new friends:


Then, I start to think they might think I’m crazy. So I try to conceal it and it ends up just looking like a bitch face.

THEN, I start to get paranoid. Like what happens when they find out I’m a Packers fan? That I cry on roller coasters? What if they think I’m stupid? Or they find out I’m a ……


Then I feel like this and it’s sad.

And then I start to realize that despite my willingness to try and accept everyone (I’m not trying to come off as self-righteous, it’s just how I try to approach life) not everyone wants to be MY friend. And everyone in the world looks at me like this:

And sometimes, I make new friends eventually, and sometimes I don’t. But it’s always that pattern: Excitedness, Doubt, Paranoia, and Socially Awkward Me. I promise I’m not as insane as this post makes me look. 🙂


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