Family of Bloggers Award!

YAY! I have been nominated for a Family of Bloggers award by the lovely Gloria The Poet . Although I’ve only been blogging for about two weeks now, she has been one of the followers that actively reads and responds on my blog and I thank her for that. This whole blog thing happened because journalying wasn’t working for me (there’s no AUDIENCE!) and the fact that people out there actually like what I have to say is just wonderful. This makes me want to continue and share my magical thinking.

Gloria has a fantastic blog that embodies such wisdom and life, mixed with some really thoughtful poetry. Check it out!

So I have been informed that these are the rules for the Family of Bloggers Award:

Now here are The Rules of the Award as i have been informed

  1. One must say ‘thank you’ to whomever nominated you.
  2. One must provide a link to their blog.
  3. Using the Art of Anagram, one must utilize the word ‘FAMILY’ in telling us the attributes that one brings to the family of bloggers.
  4. One must finally Nominate at least 4 other people to join one’s family of bloggers, and let them know about their nomination


F- fearlessness

A- art

M- music

I- intelligence

L- life

Y- you

My Nominations:

Mental Notes– For the fearlessness and strength your blog brings to the world

Canadian Hiking Photography– his photographs embody a beautiful balance of nature, art and life. And also, I currently live the closest to Canada than I ever have previously, so I thought this nomination was also appropriate.

This Twisted Youth at Ban Sociological Poetry– For always challenging me to think about things in a fresh way. Your posts are thought-provoking and intelligent. And for the sociology 🙂

Nick at Talkin’ Shit– This was one of the first blogs I found here on WordPress and I loved the honesty that each post has. This blog is full of life and some posts have even brought tears to my eyes. This is a much-needed blog in the world.

Taken By Sound– For the music. I’ve always viewed myself as a bit of a music snob but this blog has brought some new bands to my life. Thanks!

You are a Wallflower– For bringing the “you” to the blogging universe and talking about your experiences in a way that we all can relate. Thanks also 🙂


One thought on “Family of Bloggers Award!

  1. Thanks so much for the nomination!! I couldn’t be any more grateful.. I hope that I can uncover some new and awesome stuff for you in the future! Keep up the great work with your blog too!! 🙂

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