I’m sure by now your facebook newsfeed has been flooded with news of a 15 year old girl, Amanda Todd, who was bullied so much that it has resulted in her suicide. The girl made a youtube video a few weeks prior, documenting her bullying. You can watch it here:

First of all, I want to say how awful it is to have someone who is just beginning their life to be cursed with such hate. We ALL make mistakes Some make really big ones, and some have huge consequences. But who are we to judge whose mistakes are bigger than others? Sure, she did some things to make one girl angry, by sleeping with her boyfriend. But what good does it do to make her life a living hell? That makes us just as bad, if not worse. I understand being angry at someone. But what I do not understand is going out of my way to make someones life miserable, and even after their DEATH, still defacing her name on her memorial page and showing absolutley no sign of remourse. Sure, what she did might have been bad, but is it THAT bad where these bullies can’t even show some respect? Where is the human decency?

I WANT TO START A REVOLUTION. A BULLY REVOLUTION. I would like you all to say something you’re sorry for. I KNOW we all have at least one bully story, and if we weren’t a direct part of it, we at least stood by and watched it happen. I know I did. I really hope if we start apologizing and forgiving, our schools and lives could be so much better.


7 thoughts on “DON’T BE A BULLY, BE A BUDDY!

  1. I was bullied a lot in high school and i know how much it hurts. I also see a lot of cyber bullying and even though i want to speak out sometimes, i’ve never taken up the courage to speak up against Bullying, For this i’m sorry…

  2. Perhaps a silly idea, but I came up with it the other day when I saw my poems were the only ones tagged as sociological poetry in wordpress. I personally started writing out of frustration that my psychology degree really seemed to hold very few answers to the states people end up in. I guess my poetry from there took a sociological stance and has done ever since. Whether there is value in encouraging people to write under such a banner and to share in a way aimed to raise awareness and create change is useful I am not sure, but I think it might be worth a try so have set up this.. http://sociologicalpoetry.wordpress.com/ if you have any poetry you would like to share or know how to make a site / idea like this grow, feel free to let me know.. Regardless, keep writing, sharing and thinking and productive ripples will come from you..

    • I think we all have a sociological scope when we write poetry, its just a matter of how we interpret it. We are influenced by what we know and what surrounds us. I really like your views and your site. I am really interested in feminism in poetry and women’s rights. I’m currently working on a poem about that…

  3. I think you are right in that most write with sociolgical scope, but what surprised me is that next to nothing is returned from google or wordpress on sociological poetry, which seems to indicate the potential for something not yet tainted with a limiting defenition to be defined in broad and proactive terms. I can kind of see it in my head, but I guess as the old adage goes success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration,

    I have been thinking about what sociological poetry means to me and as far as I can see it steps outside of class and gender and looks at people in an empathetic human light and highlights the societal impacts on them in a way that they and others might have a clearer understanding and more progressive outlook. These qualities I feel give a value beyond mere description and artistic presentation and should therefore provide a stronger stage to share ideas from in a more global manner..

    For example poems about bullies and being bullied if developed well can be used as a stimulus to help resolve those problems, but on a deeper level we all need to look at the way we are living and what children are exposed to in this world such as computer games and violence on tv, This then leads on to why are people producing and backing all these things that twist are minds? This is everyone’s business and it feels that it’s expression through academic education and mainstream media is massively supressed..

    So, is it therefore possible we could all become a little more sociologically aware and is poetry and art not a great medium for people to learn and show it through?

    • I fully agree with poetry and art being great mediums for teaching and learning about people in a sociological way. If you think about it, poetry is in one way, shape, or form nonficton. Our experiences directly infuence what we put in our poetry, and it could be directly about us (the poet) without directly saying so. We just need to be a little more honest and I think we’ll learn a lot more.

  4. This is indeed a very tragic story, there will always be consequences
    for those that bully, especially bullying such as this was of an innocent
    and misunderstood young woman…


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