inspiration… traumatic events (the result is a poem written by me)

So earlier this summer I had a traumatic event happen to me that I don’t really want to share with the world just yet, but in any sense, it really infuenced my poetry. I find that the things I am writing now compared to the things before it happened are different. It might also be due to the fact that I moved from Milwaukee to Spokane all by myself. But I’m learning. Isn’t that what life is about? (forgive me if I’m too overreaching at the moment, I just spent 5 hours… literally…. learning about Walt Whitman)

Anyways, here’s a poem I started a couple days ago. Feedback is strongly encouraged. (pretty please don’t steal my poem. this is the first time I’m sharing something on the internet without it being published)



I am gloomy street, broken window, intoxication bus, kicked out of bar nightmare

I am jagged shard of light bulb pressed into palms, blind hands into fog, earmuff unresponsive, mute class presentation

I am why didn’t you call, weight gain monster, nervousness famine, wrong turn GPS, I will kiss the absent

I am unraveling homemade sweater, charcoal marshmallow heart, I am tell me what you think, I am not listening

I am never going home again, I can never find home again

Dropped ice cream cone disappointment, cheaters guilt, I am hypnotism oblivion

I am ghost of myself, finishing fatigue, I will sleep for days

I am dictionary slang scholar, self-conscious confidence, confide in internet bloggers, principal’s office liar

I am wondering how I got here

I see visible star in busy city, negative soda can explosion, watery eye smile, horror film removal

I see lighthouse storm savior, dropped snow robe flowers, slacker turned four point oh, cancer surgery success

I see eye altering glasses prescription, I see make-the-pain-go-away vitamins

I take hug from mom antidote


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