Whitman and Dickinson… inspiration?

Whelp. I’m trying to study Dickinson and Whitman for my form & theory class of Modern Poetry tonight. I’m having such a hard time getting through Whitman… I understand that he’s a super important figure in poetry, and I really like sections of “Song of Myself” but I can’t, for the life of me, understand why anyone would write poetry that long. It’s as if he’s taking a microscope to every single thing in human existance and it feels exhausting to me. I like some of the modernists (Pablo Neruda is my all-time favorite poet) but I am having a hard time getting through Whitman.

Dickinson is an entirely different story. She uses those dashes in her poetry to enhance ambiguity but it just feels tedious to me and annoying. I am not a fan of Dickinson and Whitman today. Does this make me a bad poet? Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. I hope I have something smart to say in class today.

Send me your good vibes and smart things to say about both Dickinson and Whitman otherwise I might fail. WAH. I’m putting this in the category of “inspiration” because maybe reading them will inspire me to go outside of my box…

Don’t forget to write books your reading under the tab that says “What are you reading?” PLEASEEEE.


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