Inspiration: crocheting

As I’m a poor MFA student and can’t afford real Christmas presents this year, everyone is getting a scarf. I think I’m starting early enough to get a good amount done. You’d be surprised how well you think while crocheting or doing something tedious with your hands. Or at least I was. What’s even better is I’m crocheting while listening to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban on audiotape. Anyone have any good ideas for patterns and/or audiotapes for my productivity and enjoyment? šŸ™‚



2 thoughts on “Inspiration: crocheting

  1. I actually started crocheting last year. I made a granny ripple blanket (I didn’t know what it was either) on my first try- I gave it to my grandmother, but will ask her to send a picture. I learned to do it on YouTube, believe it or not. Here is a link:

    Oh and halfway through the 4th or 5th video, keep your ears open for what I think is a cat that sounds very unhappy- Its all very weird, but this woman taught me how to crochet!

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