Inspiration: Pottermore

This entire blog started because I’ve been bumming around on Pottermore and have decided that I’m horrible at potions. I would be just like Neville if I was actually at Hogwarts. I finally got the Swelling Potion brewed without messing it up and was expecting something awesome when I revisted Snape’s Office, but all it was were a few ingredients. I really hope they fix the glitches on the potions page because I’ve lost so many potions due to the book freezing and I’m unable to click out of it. It could also because of my awful internet connection but I think other people around the world are having the same problems.


What’s even better is my roomate painted this picture of me in my Hufflepuff uniform. Check out her art blog.

I’ve also been revisiting the Harry Potter series through audiobooks. I had no idea how much I would like them. Stephen Fry ROCKS. This has been a magic-Harry-Potter-fuled post today…I’m not ashamed my obsession has only grown with age!

Feel free to add me on Pottermore: Wildkey669


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