Inspiration: Sarah Kay and Catalina Ferro

Have you ever heard of Sarah Kay? I haven’t until today when I was googling some slam poetry and came across her perfomance of this poem. I have a hard time with performance because I get all nervous and such, but she seems so calm and collected. Definatley an inspiration. Plus I love the content of this poem because I’ve recently moved across the country to Spokane and I miss my mom 😦 (I’ll be back in Milwaukee in 18 days!!!)

Also, if you want to cry, watch this poem by Catalina Ferro. So moving.


6 thoughts on “Inspiration: Sarah Kay and Catalina Ferro

  1. Hmm…I really enjoyed the Sarah Kay performance! Thank you so much for sharing, that was spectacular!!
    The second one, however, just wasn’t for me I guess. I’m puzzled, it evoked emotion, so I know it is quality artwork, but I just didn’t like it. It seems to have inspired something though, so thank you again. πŸ™‚

    • Catalina is just so fierce and the way she describes being an orphan through images really struck me. I am in love with Sarah Kay as well. She’s so young but her poetry says something profound. I love it.

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