Inspiration: POETRY!

So I’ve been reading some awesome poetry lately and I thought I’d share it with you. First of all, I’ve been teaching shape/concrete poetry to my high school students and they LOVED it! It’s so cool to see high schoolers as excited as writing as I am. A poem that I read that I coudn’t find a screenshot of without scanning it into my computer (and I’m much too lazy for that) is a poem in American Hybrid (Norton’s Anthology of Poetry) by Gillian Conoley. She did this really abstract poem in a sunburst shape. LOVE.

“Swan and Shadow” by John Hollander










“The Bird”










Lastly, I re-read this book and I forgot how much I loved it. The way Zapruder writes with humour and seriousness involving love and loss is just fantastic. I don’t know many writers who can multitask as well as he can. I highly reccomend this book. Especially the poem “A Summer Rainstorm”. Go buy this book!


What do you think?

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